Tax Receipts

We offer donation tax receipts to Canadian donors that can be claimed when filing income tax returns. Doing so allows our donors to receive up to 40% of their donation back in tax credits from the government. Click here to learn more.

Donation tax receipts for the previous year are sent to the donor email address on file by the end of January. For example, receipts for donations made in 2021 were emailed out in January 2022.

Donations made via PayPal Giving Fund

The only exception to the above policy is for donations made via PayPal Giving Fund ( Tax receipts for donations made to KMA via PayPal Giving Fund are issued via email by PayPal Giving Fund and are not sent by KMA. 

Haven’t received your donation tax receipt?

If January has come to an end and you still haven’t received your donation tax receipt, please:

  1. Search your email inboxes, including spam/promotion folders, for an email from “”
  2. Search your email inboxes for an email from “PayPal Giving Fund”
If you still are unable to find your receipt, please fill out the form below. For further assistance, please email

Update Donor Information

In order to issue donation tax receipts, the Canada Revenue Agency requires us to have your full name and address on the donation tax receipt.

Please use the form below to update your donor information file on record. All information is kept strictly confidential and is not shared or sold to any third party.