First timers and guests welcome! (18+ only)

Attend the next meeting for our new club @ KMA! Join us right after Isha prayer in Hall 1 (large room in the basement)!

What to expect

Welcome and Introduction (5 minutes)

A brief welcome by the club’s President or meeting leader, setting the stage for the meeting.

1-2 members deliver speeches they’ve prepared in advance.

Impromptu speaking session where members respond to random topics without prior preparation.

Constructive feedback is provided to each speaker who delivered a prepared speech.

Reports from roles like Timer, Grammarian, and Ah-Counter.

Final thoughts and announcements by the club organization.


The "Ah"-Counter

Toastmasters' vigilant guardian of the spoken word, keeps an eagle eye out for those pesky 'um's and 'ah's, ensuring our speeches aren't peppered with verbal seasoning!

The Grammarian

A veritable wizard of words, ensures our language sparkles with grammatical magic and not a comma out of place!

The Timer

Like the human hourglass of the group, the Timer keeps everyone on schedule with a sprinkle and a dash of "time"agination! ⏳✨